🪙Dragon Stone (Token)

main token in game

The game will have something that is used as a medium of exchange, the Dragon Stone,which will be used for buying and selling within this game. Players can earn this coin by playing games and activities. Including exchanging from other coins for Dragon Stone.

Ranking Rewards

Within this game's economy, there are Dragonstone coins that can be acquired in different ways. Whether it's going to play games or be a lot of activities The coins in this game are limited and will circulate within this system. which the players can find possession with different ways of playing freely

In this picture, it explains the structure of the gameplay of this game. No matter what currency you use What is the goal of the game for? Including a trading system that covers everything in this game.

Drop Rate (Dragonstone) Win 1-99 = 0.0001 DS Win 100-499 = 0.01 DS Win 500-999 = 0.1 DS Win 1000-2999 = 0.5 DS Win 3000+ = 1 DS

Swap Token in game (Shop) DS <> KKUB (KKUB=KUB)

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